Monday, May 30, 2011

IRCC Update: A Tale of Slashes

slash.jpg (1639.2 KB)

I finally had a massive breakthrough on my own pattern in the realization that an old pattern that only sort of worked in the past now works quite well with a few tweaks.  Of course, I didn't make this realization until after a few fitting sessions that may or may not have involved partially constructed bodices being thrown across the room in frustration.  I am going to do a final dry run of that pattern before cutting out my silk. 

I've made some progress on whites.  My husband's hose are in progress, they are being constructed by hand.  I decided to make the blackwork on his shirt collar reversible, so the collar is assembled and waiting for embroidery.  My son's blackwork is still sitting aside waiting to be attached to a shirt.  I am putting off assembly on his outfit until July so that I can get a better idea of his size.  Once construction on my husband's whites is done (except for the embroidery) I will be starting on my pulled work partlet.  I recently learned how to do pulled work and am really excited to start this part!