Thursday, May 5, 2011

More embroidery talk

I did another trial of embroidery for my camacia, using waste canvas and....hate it. I think it looks loose and sloppy. I tried to pull the threads extra tight, but my thread kept catching on the edges of the waste canvas and that was roughing up the thread and making it even more difficult to embroider. It was just a mess all around.

So...I think I'm going back to my earlier plan of the third from the left on this sample piece. Cute, simple little pinwheels with a gold bead between each one.

In other project news I've been working on the two yards of cord I need to make. I learned the hard way not to lucet for too long (can I use that as a verb?) before I've built up a just makes the whole process take longer because it ends up hurting too much to continue. This is the cord that will be the ties on Dennis's shirt and my camacia (the little man won't have ties on his shirt...he would try to eat them and that doesn't seem safe).


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

If you only need short pieces of cord, fingerloop braiding is very fast (and easily documentable). When I made my last shirt, I braided the cords in place, which makes for a very neat and secure method of attachment.