Monday, June 20, 2011

This week's to-do list

My goals for the week:

Lacing strips for orange doublet
Orange buttons
Find beads for the brown doublet (and if I have to order them on the internet, order stuff for a belt, too)
Start the embroidery on the brown doublet (as soon as I have beads)
Start blackwork for shirt
Test Dennis' pants pattern
Construct Dennis' hose
Make my underskirt, I need at least one new one for this gown

If I get all of that done I'm going to try to finish the pink and lavendar kirtles that I didn't finish for Uprising. The pink one just needs some form of attachment down the front. The lavendar one needs the skirt attached and then lacing rings on the side backs. I'm hoping that one works's sort of a test run for the kirtle I want to make out of the gorgeous purple linen I recently acquired.