Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Beginning

It all started a couple of weeks ago when a friend posted a link to the Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge at Realm of Venus.  Four months to create one late Italian Renaissance outfit consisting of at least four pieces.  Now, ambitious me has three entries.  One for me, one for my hubbysband, and one for my baby boy who is currently five months old, I'm going to aim for an outfit to fit him this winter.  (Details of the outfit plans to come later, once I scan my sketches.)

I would love to win, but I'm up against professional costumers, so more importantly I want to challenge myself to up my game.  I know I am capable of much better work than I generally put forth, I just have to slow down and give myself the time to do it right.  Yup, I did just say that I have great potential if only I would apply myself (and yes, I did hear that a lot growing up).  With required updates and friends also participating I will have a level of accountability with my sewing that I've never had.  Win or not, my goal is to perform to my personal best.  As long as I feel I've done that I'll be ecstatic at the end of this.

So here we go!  Enjoy the ride. :-)


Fiametta da Trastevere said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm excited and with you. I don't have a hope of winning but I want to put forth my best effort and do my best work that I'm capable of doing!