Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Blackwork trials

I did blackwork once before. I found a lovely pattern and did a whole cuff and when it was done I looked down with pride and realized...I hated it. I never used it. So with this project I decided to do some trials before committing to the full piece. It also gives me an opportunity to work out the kinks. So, here are the trials for the Blackwork on the two shirts. The small, diamond pattern is for my little man. It is about half an inch tall. The big acorn and vine pattern is for my big man and is about an inch.

Due to real life concerns all three outfits will be almost exclusively made from stash fabrics. I have a pretty extensive stash, so only a few bits will need to be purchased (mostly lining fabrics). The two shirts will be made from a medium weight linen, the blackwork will be done in black silk embroidery floss.

Both blackwork patterns come from a 16th century Italian sampler. It is a wonderful piece with lots of different designs on it.

(I'm really sorry for the terrible quality of the picture...I'll replace it later.)


Fiametta da Trastevere said... Best Blogger Tips

I totally agree, blackwork is something to be hated. Your trials look beautiful though!!

Hastings said... Best Blogger Tips

Can I add myself to the blech about blackwork list? Love the look of some of it, hate to do it. I think those are going to be beautiful. 2 of my favorite patterns from that sampler.